the guy.

his story

Andy, born in Asia, come from a family like every other Asian family that staunchly believe that photography is a nothing more than an expensive hobby.

He tried a couple of normal schools but never really finished it.

I.T job that had paid the bills for 2 years until he called it quits. Felt that happiness is still being behind the camera, he followed his inner calling. Quits his stable I.T job and spent 2 years wondering everywhere he could, trying to figure out the meaning of his existence.

Having tried doing apprentice for a few photographers but still didn’t felt right. Bounced from one to another.

Then in 2007, he got an unusual request of shooting a car. Having never done a product shoot least to say a car, the challenge was addictive. it was then that he found his true love, his passion. It was a home run, a calling.

But being in Singapore where there were no commercial automotive photographers within 1000km to learn from. All the years of apprentice were for naught. Automotive was and still is a closely guarded secret, there were no books to learn from. he had to self-teach, he had to learn light and color all by himself.

He approached car owners begging them to let them shoot their cars, soon after, magazines.

Then in 2010, he moved to greater China, the upcoming automotive city, from there he flourish. Jobs started getting bigger and bigger and soon Andy built a name for himself.

he loves it then, and he still loves it now.